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Why do Christian women wear skirts?

Much is what has been speculated in this sense about the dress of the Christian woman; In the 21st century, more and more women, especially those who do not belong to or participate in the Christian religion, question why this norm exists and what solid arguments support it.

Where does all this come from?

As a first aspect we must clarify that this is not something universal or applied by all churches , in fact every day there are more congregations that allow women to wear pants as clothing for their services. Actually, any woman who goes to a church can wear the clothes that she prefers, referring to pants, panties, skirt, etc. This has always been the case, although there was perhaps someone who had a bad experience with a religious because of the way she dressed. But ruling out the latter, most Christian churches should be able to allow entry to any type of person, taking into account that for this we were called, to receive everyone who needs hope and bring it to the feet of Jesus.

Why do christians wear skirts?

The theme of the skirt is normally required in many churches, especially for those who offer a service job within it, be they cantors, deacons, pastors, etc. Obviously it is not a general rule as we have said before, but it is the common one. In many temples it is established that those who are in the pulpit dress in a decorous and decent way with an image according to the spiritual meaning and message they represent. Likewise, women tend to wear the skirt to keep the decorum and the feminine essence when they are occupying some public function and in view of all.

Some models of decorous skirts

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But what’s wrong with wearing pants?

Nothing, as we have said before, today there are more churches that have assumed the use of pants as common dress even for services. Many congregations initially embraced the use of the skirt because pants were considered men’s clothing. Many Christians took this norm as a way to maintain a differentiation for both men and women ( Deuteronomy 22:5 ), since in this way they felt that they honored God.

However, what was initially an act based on love and honor to God, became a norm for many congregations that in many cases moved away from the true initial spiritual meaning. This was not common, but it did happen that in many groups what was sought now was to judge or condemn women who did not wear this garment, attributing a sinful behavior for it, without understanding if these people understood the meaning of this purpose and ignoring the background of the person, who he was, where he came from, what life he had before converting to Christ; Therefore, they distanced themselves from mercy and the evangelistic role at the same time, where the Word is the one who produces the true interior change.

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On the other hand, let us also remember that in the last century, dresses were the common feminine and for the cultural context of that time wearing pants meant a bad image for women, simply because those who wore them became something unusual. Let’s remember that many groups rose up in the fight for gender equality, but some of them were really extremist and used the pants as a form of protest for “equality” or female empowerment. The truth is that one thing has nothing to do with the other, that is; clothing with the fight for equality; but this manipulation was used by some radical sectors, which is why it was also a reason for rejection by many Christian denominations as they tried not to mix with these concepts or be confused with them.

women's clothing in the last century
The common feminine use during the last century
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As time went by, this rule was maintained in view of the fact that most of the pants that began to circulate as part of fashion contained styles that degraded the image of women; some were ripped or with cuts that showed intimate parts, others too tight giving an appearance of sensuality that was not appropriate for a service where the main theme is life in God and Christian values.

What was not prevented was that with the passing of time and fashion, this ultra-modern attribute would also reach skirts, starting to come out with a set of designs with crotch cuts or designed to lift the buttocks and display them in a more striking way. ladies waist.

what kind of skirts do christians wear
Same type of garment. different purposes

At this point, many churches understood that the issue was not about wearing one garment or another, but rather about choosing between the two the ones that offered a more decent image to women. The use of pants was also no longer associated with any feminist ideological tendency, but was part of the common clothing for women who worked in companies, offices or places where this garment was more appropriate due to the nature of the work, but not as a way of protest.

Sensual vs Decorous pants
Sensual vs decorous pants

It is there where the use of pants arises, but not the super tight one that seems to be made to seduce masses of men, but loose pants with cuts that take care of the aesthetics of women without falling into indecency.

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Women in service typically wear these pants with smocks or long jackets to help maintain prudence onstage. An example of this could be:

Use of pants in Christian women

Likewise , skirts with decorous designs that give class and modesty to women, without showing intimate features or propitiating them to greed.

Can a Christian wear pants?

Yes, in fact it is important to understand that in many cities on the planet the culture is different and so is the clothing. The pants should not be a burden for a Christian woman , but she must understand that as a daughter of God she must keep a testimony and therefore not try to abuse her own body, letting herself be carried away by vanity and the desire to show her figure since this many times what it reflects is a lack of self-identity and a need to please the world system or meet its standards. If this is not your case and you wear pants simply because they seem more practical, resistant or because of your work environment, go ahead; just try to use it decorously.

Some models of decorous pants (Seam not sensual)

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Every woman has the power when she dresses to set a goal, her own way of dressing will always affect others even if it doesn’t seem like it, this is because of the way God made her, the lines and curves of women should be kept as a treasure out of respect for itself and its dignity and not as a marketing object that ultimately ends up damaging its true value.

What should be the limit then?

Obviously in this sense it is difficult to set limits, how far?, How long?, etc. We believe that each daughter of God is capable of discerning this based on her own conscience and what the Holy Spirit leads her. There is no rule of dress or combination, as long as decency and decorum are taken care of, because this is what the Word of God commands us ( 1 Tim. 2:9 ).

What is certain is that in the eyes of many, a woman in a skirt is much more beautiful than in pants , at least in most of the male opinions that we have found. It is true that the current times often make girls prefer pants because they are practical and resistant, in addition to the fact that many times the cultural issue plays a strong role. Still when a girl learns how to wear her clothes and find out among these styles she can get a really beautiful look.

And what do you prefer, skirt or pants?

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