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The importance of taking care of our body

The bible exhorts us to take care of our hygiene and image, this is related not only to clothing, but also to our daily habits and of course our attitude, that is, we can look great but if we are being stumbling others with our behavior, it is simply not glorifying Christ. There are many ways to transmit positive things, and one of them is the things we do, and another thing, what we say, we motivate them to let every bad habit die, die to resentment, bitterness and other emotions and feelings that they are hurting both you and others, which you have not wanted to give up, remember that God has given us self-control and we can control our lives with dedication and perseverance, be filled with the presence of the Lord, this will help you to be fed with the holiness of the Lord.

Many times, good dress has been misrepresented, since this is related to a haughty person, but God commands us to comply with an adequate presence and leave pride. Let’s imagine that we are going to evangelize and our body begins to expel odors that are not pleasant, this will simply distance the person who is making the gospel known, and can serve to make many move away, instead, if we are neat people this can simply minister in a positive way to another person.

As that passage in the bible says that what comes out of the mouth of man is what contaminates (Matthew 15:18) this means that it is what we say, what marks a person, a hurtful word can cause more damage than a slap in the face, therefore, our words must be seasoned with salt and without double meaning, since the message would not arrive properly. It is important to consider the way in which we conduct ourselves, that is, if we are selfish, if we like to point fingers at others, if when we have the power to help others we do not do so, if instead of encouraging we discourage others, and if instead from being a channel of blessing we are a stumbling block in the path of the other.

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So, we lovingly remind you that your behavior is the brightness that you need so much to look good, what you say will speak for itself that you belong to Christ, and your actions will say that you are a child of God, if you are in the possibility of help others, then do it. God will look at you with pleasure, because the most important thing is to please the Lord, if you dress do it for God and not for men, seek to please Him and not others, all these tips with a suitable garment will make you look splendid.

Miguel Ortiz

Specialist in internet projects, digital marketing and web development. Christian and active member of the Pentecostal IEA "La Hermosa", belonging to the Assemblies of God in Venezuela.

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