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How should a worship minister dress?

One of the most influential exercises within a congregation is undoubtedly the ministry of worship and praise. As people who hold a “public” image, they are often the target of criticism or disputes based on the way they dress or behave in the pulpit. On 1 Corinthians 8-9 express “But take care that this freedom of yours does not become a stumbling block for the weak.” giving us as a norm that our actions must be thought for the common good, especially when we exercise a visible and influential position in the Church. In this sense, the worship leader plays a critical role in coordinating and organizing your team.

As is dressed in the pulpit, so is the congregation dressed

Each congregation has different rules on this particular point depending on their customs. We understand that some churches tend to be more rigorous than others and I am not referring to the effects of dogmas, but to cultural customs where the social environment in some way leads members to dress in one way or another, such as, for example, the dress in a congregation in the country to that of a congregation in the center of a city. Inevitably there are cultural factors that affect this and we must also understand that the Lord is interested in reaching all of them, so one of the objectives of each Pastor is to properly study the culture of each site in order to educate and guide each believer. without falling into impositions, but rather putting himself in the place of the other, empathizing with his culture and his environment, which is undoubtedly one of the most important points of that change to a new life. Romans 14:18 “For whoever serves Christ in this way pleases God and is approved by men. So, let us follow what contributes to peace and mutual edification”.

However, the Word of God teaches us that this old life must be transformed, in order to bear witness to what Christ has done in us.

Healthy clothing rather than taking us to jail should lead us to a balance

When we come from the world, most of the things we wear are usually imposed by factors outside of us, be it fashion, the market or culture. It is important that we understand that the change of clothing does not refer to “prohibiting things”, but rather to find balance and a way of dressing in which we can feel that we please God and we are good with our body. It must be recognized that old fashions also enslave people to a stereotype, but this does not mean that through change we will go to the other extreme, but rather that balance is the basis and in this the Holy Spirit is the one who can guide us better.

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In this way we can see that for each believer the change in their clothing is a very important point and that in some cases it can be a reason that some do not come to Christ. So, if for particular purposes it is of such an incidence and depth in individual life, what could we expect from someone who exercises a public model?

Praise ministers also preach through their image

The worship ministry dresses They may not stand out too much when you’re not in front, but they’re much more eye-catching when the wearer is onstage. When a worship minister steps into a pulpit, his clothing is also conveying a message. No matter how hard you may pray or prepare for the moment, poor clothing can be a terrible hindrance to getting the message across.

On a certain occasion a sister from a church did a restoration campaign in our congregation where many lives were touched and there was a great harvest. As a result of this success, the same sister wanted to replicate this campaign in another church in the region. She went with all the love in the world and was working for it for several days. When the time finally came for the campaign, she noticed how many people seemed indifferent to the message and showed no signs of being touched or broken. When the campaign ended there were no conversions and she left to pray to God asking what could have happened or why there was so much difference between the first campaign and this new one. After a few days a brother from that new congregation approached her and said: “Sister, you want to know why her campaign did not cause any effect in the church, the reason is because you do not wear the veil.” The sister was shocked with the answer, she had no problem putting on a veil, but here we see to what extent she can wear a simple garment, a way of dressing; be a big stumbling block to what God wants to do.

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Seeing this last case we can say: “Hey, but the sister was not to blame, the fault lies with the regulations”, Yes, perhaps, but this is also part of the Worship Ministry ResponsibilitiesYou must know that your duty is to be one step ahead, prepared for any trick that the enemy wants to use to sabotage or prevent God from moving among the people.

Many of us have heard that the duty of the worshiper is to connect the people with the presence of God, creating an environment where the congregation can focus their hearts and eyes on the Lord. Now, tell me how it is possible to create this if the musicians, vocalists and other members somehow distract or create rejection with their appearance when they get on stage. It is not the same that you leave flashily dressed to stay in the last row of the church, to that with extravagant clothes you go up to the holy place and make all eyes, thoughts and comments are on you. As an influential member you should, know how how to lead praise worship and use your resources that will not only be musical, but also visual. This small detail should not go unnoticed and we must be responsible for taking care of it so as not to divert the attention of the listeners and so that the Rhema or the Word is transmitted efficiently. The example will make the difference.

What clothes should I wear to minister in praise?

The clothing to be worn will depend on the regulations of each congregation, and in some cases the churches use uniforms for christian musical groups that understanding must be attached to what the scriptures say. However, as a general rule we can mention the following:

  1. Tight-fitting clothing should not be worn in upper or lower areas, be it blouses, skirts, pants, shirts, etc.
  2. Women’s blouses must cover private parts, at this point it is recommended to wear blouses or dresses.
  3. The skirts must reach the knees, there are very nice models that are still decorous.
  4. When pants or leggings are worn (women), smocks must reach the knee; this with the intention of covering private areas.
  5. Blouses and suits must have sleeves and must not show the birth of the bust.
  6. Pants must not have holes, have ripped repairs, or be ripped.

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