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How should a Christian dress?

Dressing for a Christian is of the utmost importance, our presentation says a lot about us (for some people it says everything) so the way we dress is of the utmost importance to transmit an adequate testimony. Over the years, fashions have forced our wardrobe to be updated, gone are the times when people used bell-bottom pants or hairstyles with a large amount of Gel.

As children of God we do not define ourselves by passing tendencies since our faith will always prevail over the tastes of the world; but this does not mean that we cannot dress well. Our way of dressing must certainly be governed by our faith, for Christians not all kinds of garments are appropriate; as the world tends to promote the sensual and immodest, making its dress system unsuitable for us.

On what do we base ourselves to dress?

The word of God does not textually quote the types of clothing that we can use; that is to say, there is no mandate on the clothes to use, but on our behavior when choosing them.

respecting our gender

Men should not dress like women, nor should women dress like men. Our God does not like that behavior.

Deuteronomy 22:5 – (TLA)

This verse is the basis for our choice when it comes to dressing, our image must show that we are faithful children of God. Therefore we must not let ourselves be guided by fashions that violate this verse; The man must dress in such a way that he is easily recognizable that he is male and in the same way for women.

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There is much controversy regarding the interpretation of this verse and the use of pants for women; but the context of the verse goes further and refers to sexual conduct (homosexuality) practiced at that time (and today). Our father abhors this type of behavior, so at all times we must leave the gender with which we were born marked through our clothing.

How should Christian women dress?

9 I also wish women would dress with simplicity, decency and modesty. That they do not wear exaggerated hairstyles, or gold jewelry or pearl decorations, or very expensive clothes. 10 Rather, concern themselves with doing what is good, as is expected of women who love and respect God.

1 Timothy 2:9-10 – TLA

The number 9 it’s a verse women’s clothing which gives us an idea of ​​this and the values ​​that must be taken into account for it. Do not overdo it, that is the key, a Christian cannot overlook:


It is a quality closely associated with humility, a great virtue that denotes maturity. Dressing simply denotes elegance and good taste. It is based on the use of appropriate garments that leave an image according to the daughter of God who is using it; always keep in mind that our presentation is part of our testimony.


This word is defined in the dictionary as:

Observance of socially established moral norms and good customs, especially in the sexual aspect.

The Bible tells us that our clothing should not be sexually provocative. While the world professes that “he who does not exhibit does not sell” as children of God we mold ourselves by other standards, no worldly aptitude can lead us to lose our focus: to glorify our father with everything we do.

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It is necessary that we establish certain limits in what we do and bear in mind that no extreme is good. Therefore we must dress free of all pride and pretensions and certainly not motivated by vanity.

Women’s clothing according to the bible

Verse 10 says: “Rather, that they worry about doing what is good, as is expected of women who love and respect God” there is something that transcends our wardrobe and goes beyond any fashion or trend and that is our love for God, we should never forget who we are and that our life should never revolve around garments, clothing or any other adornment; none of this should characterize us, but that our center of attention is Jesus Christ.

May your adornment not be of external things, such as exaggerated hairstylesor with gold jewelry and luxurious dresses. Beauty does not depend on appearancesbut what is in the heart. So, be calm and kind people. This beauty never disappears, and it is very valuable before God.

1 Peter 3:3-4 ─ TLA

In the end, true beauty is born in our hearts and holiness in dress. Fashions come and go and many of them tend to be contrary to the word of God, and as Christians our love for God will be what will mark the way we dress. We will always do everything with the aim of pleasing you.

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