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How many jeans do you have?

We cannot say that we have never worn jeans, this type of garment has become a mandatory space in our wardrobe. We do not dazzle a casual day without wearing good denim pants that provide us with comfort, a good design and resistance for certain activities that require it.

It’s just that those riveted pants always catch our attention. Jeans are the most popular garment of the last decades; resisting and adapting to all kinds of fashions without ever losing the essence that characterizes them.

Jeans, Jeans, Denim or Texan?

There are several names by which this garment is known, which has dressed workers, children, rich and poor, stars and others. It is that its use does not distinguish between person or gender, a polyvalence that was thought from its conception.

Behind the success there is always controversy, and the origin of this garment is flooded with it; which is normal for a product of this size. Different countries (United States, French and Italians) claim their invention but what we are certain of is where the “modern jean” was born.

Lewis Strauss the creator of jeans

A great idea only needs a need to satisfy, and at least that’s what happened in this case. Around 1853 in the United States there was an industrial explosion caused by the so-called Golden fever. A stage where there was a great migration to areas where mines of this precious element had been discovered; this led thousands of people to abandon their jobs and move to do the hard work necessary to exploit it, this change of life caused quite simple collateral damage but that today generated one of the largest markets in history: Clothes wore out quickly from hard work.

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And a certain Lewis Strauss noticed this problem and visualized how he could solve it. For this he used as cloth the canvas of the tents and thus make useful garments for work. But his idea went further and after associating with a tailor named Jacob Davis they had the idea of ​​reinforcing canvas pants with copper rivets in the areas most prone to damage: Thus giving rise to the first jeans in history.

We can see the scope of the idea of ​​a couple of men, turning simple tent canvases into the most used garment in history.

Has it always been blue?

Originally the jeans were a brown color; Let’s not forget that the canvas with which they were made is the same fabric that was used for the tents. Its characteristic color owes its origin to another part of the world: Genoa, Italy. The fishermen of this city colored the dark canvas with a dye called “indigo” which owed its origin to India. English ships loaded the colored fabric and shipped it to the United States.

Taking care of our image

3 May your beauty not be external, consisting of adornments such as ostentatious hairstyles, gold jewelry, and luxurious dresses. 4 May her beauty be rather the incorruptible one, the one that comes from the depths of the heart and consists of a soft and peaceful spirit. This really has a lot of value before God.

1 Peter 3:3-4

It is very important to take care of every aspect of our image. That perception that others have of us is evidence of how affected they are with our testimony and that it allows us to exalt Jesus without even opening our mouths. Although the quoted verse is addressed to women; It allows us to see an example of how a pleasant heart and a spirit guided by God is much more important than our clothes and that it has greater impact force.

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So it leaves us an order of priorities, we cannot hide the lack of our soul with ostentatious dresses, but we can impact many with the quality of our heart. There is very little mention of clothing in the Bible because it is never a priority; A Son / Daughter of God will always worry about dressing taking into account that he must exalt Christ with the simplicity and correct morality of his life, for some it may seem simple and bland. But when we fall in love with Jesus we want to let the world know by all possible means that he HE HAS CHANGED US.

Pants for all tastes

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