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A selection designed to transmit modernity, for those who prefer youthful, comfortable styles that are suitable for almost all occasions.

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If you are a dancer in your church and you are looking for beautiful costume designs to use during your ministry, you can find a selection of special models here.

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Christian fashion dresses being a daughter of God

This clothing consists of a skirt and a body in the same piece. It is very old, according to the evolution of the garment it has been used so much; by men, like women, however, later it was only considered a garment for ladies. It has varied its cuts and style many times, it used to be a very simple garment or very made by many meters of fabric according to medieval times. Social classes also influenced her beauty.

According to the Hebrew culture, the clothing was made by God’s command, since their robes had a fringe represented holiness to God. Mainly. The dress was created to cover nudity and protect both from the sun and the cold. This has been of great variety according to civilization, culture, time, and its type of manufacture. We can appreciate it in the bible when Adam and Eve weaved their clothing with fig leaves. Another of the functions of wearing a dress is sexual modesty and beautification.

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In the year 1820, the dresses were already an iconic piece of women, and their use became very strict, where the skirts become very wide, and the sleeves are inflated, being one of the most used accessories the fan. Over time, in the 19th century, dresses were more flattened and with a kind of cushion at the back, it was called “upholstery fashion”, since it used to match the curtains. By the end of the 19th century, dresses were more rigid and the skirt adjusted to the hips. In 1906 Paul Poiret freed women from the corset and made much more comfortable dresses, with narrower skirts and intense colors. By the time of the Second World War, dresses with necklines and knee lengths began to be created,

Fashion in dresses for Christian women

The use of elegant dresses for women decreased in the 60s of the 20th century, due to the use of pants, since it was considered a much more comfortable garment, regardless of the time that passes, the dress will always be a garment that is present in the life of the woman, although every time the woman uses the dress only for special occasions.

Currently, there are many types of cuts and varieties for all occasions, remember that the intention of dressing should be to please God, as Christians we must set a trend that is beautiful, pure, and decorous, so you do not limit yourself to just wear a dress for a wedding or other special occasion, but you can use it in your day to day.

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