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Can a Christian woman wear earrings, jewelry or costume jewelry?

Each congregation has its rules and teachings, however, perhaps you are curious to know what the Bible really says about the use of jewelry, or if it is convenient to pierce your ears to place earrings, if you feel this curiosity today We will talk about this topic.

What does the bible say about wearing earrings and jewelry?

There are many passages that mention the use of jewelry, however, there is no command regarding this. Now, the bible motivates us that our best outfit should be our behavior.

Also that women dress in decorous clothes, with modesty and modesty; not with ostentatious hairstyle, nor gold, nor pearls, nor costly clothes, but with good deeds, as befits women who profess piety. 1 Timothy 2:9-10

In this passage we can appreciate that before looking beautiful, we must focus on our behavior, that it be pleasing to the Lord, so it is important to take care of the vocabulary, be kind and of course be wise in every way, shine with the light of Christ anywhere.

When the Bible mentions jewels, we must study the context and see what the Lord wants to teach there, such as:

Will the virgin forget her adornments, or the bride her ornaments? but my people have forgotten me for countless days. Jeremiah 2:32

As we can see, here we see that the people of Israel used to wear jewelry and ornaments, in some passages of the bible it is known that women used earrings or earrings in the nose (Ezekiel 16:12), as part of their culture, however, God claims his people telling them that they did not forget the use of their ornaments (taking into account that these were of great value, pieces made of gold or silver, etc.) in the weddings; but that they held him in little, in a few words, things or life cannot be more important than God.

In another passage such as Luke 15:22 “But the father said to his servants: Bring the best garment, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet”, we see how a vile sinner who comes to the feet of Christ and repents is treated, alluding to how He changes our spiritual condition that is reflected in our attire Therefore, I believe that the Lord does not want us to reflect misery, or poverty, we must understand that we are ambassadors of the living God, that we represent the Kingdom of God. When God speaks that we should take care of the body, he not only makes mention of taking care not to fall into fornication, but in every way.

For you are bought by price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. 1 Corinthians 6:20

There is a relationship between the spiritual and the corporeal, that is why it is important to know how to differentiate ourselves from the people of this world, this means that there are fashions that suit us and others that do not, let us remember that as children of God we must reflect the fruits of repentance, therefore, it is said that by the fruits we will be known, that is, what we have inside us must be transmitted in everything external. There are congregations that prohibit the use of deodorants or perfumes or anything that they believe to be related to vanity, such as piercing an ear. However, do you believe that our Lord Jesus when he was on earth looked bad? Or did he have hygiene problems? I think not, in fact most of the civilizations of that time gave great importance to skin care and image.

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What do I do if my congregation prohibits the use of earrings, jewelry or ornaments?

The answer is easy, do not use it, do not fall into disobedience, it is important that you are wise and not contentious, what we want to show with this article is that there are biblical truths and the fact of wearing ornaments, jewelry, bracelets among other things does not makes it more Christian than others, what we must mention is that the word tells us that, if there is something that can trip up a person who does not have Christ or who is a neophyte, it is recommended not to do it, only out of conscience because it is weak in that area (1 Corinthians 8:9). Nor do we recommend that you change the congregation or that you think that they are wrong for applying a rule like this, regarding the way of dressing, we must have freedom to dress or wear what we want but we must avoid bad testimony and know what we can do or no.

What accessories can I use if I am a Christian?

If you are a girl who wears earrings, we recommend that you use short and simple earrings and take advantage of long or more striking earrings for a special occasion. Watches are an excellent option to use on any occasion, this depends on your style and the look you like to wear, we advise you to be aware of the forms or symbols that you want to wear since many times in your church some outfits look bad, marks or symbols too, so you will avoid inconveniences with your leaders, brothers and non-believing friends.

All countries have diverse cultures where a garment influences or represents an “abnormality” the basic idea of ​​the Christian is to remain modest in each scenario, try not to provoke strife, be wise and prudent while respecting the social order, without stopping doing what God He tells us in his Word. And very important, respecting those who may not have much time in the Lord and still have unprofitable customs. We should not single these people out, but rather guide them with love so that it may be God who gradually transforms his life and teaches him where the beauty of his being lies.

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To finish, do not limit yourself to using something you like, what you should consider is if the Lord would like it or if it would be a shock to your church, that’s why at we leave you some option that can go well with you.

God bless you.

Miguel Ortiz

Specialist in internet projects, digital marketing and web development. Christian and active member of the Pentecostal IEA "La Hermosa", belonging to the Assemblies of God in Venezuela.

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