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Can a Christian celebrate Halloween?

Halloween and Christianity arouse more controversy than they should. As children of God we must know what position to take during Halloween; ask ourselves what benefits it brings to our lives or if participating in this party as Christians honors God and our faith.

We cannot deny that one of the most famous dates of the year is approaching. Halloween, this party celebrated every October 31 is known for its children’s customs; where children change their usual outfits for colorful costumes and leave their houses in search of sweets. A night where many gather to celebrate, ignoring that like any old celebration; keeps pagan roots which we cannot ignore.

¿Halloween or November?

The origins of this pagan festival date back to a group of European peoples from the Iron Age called Celts. This town had a festival called Samhain and it served as a celebration of the end of the harvest season for the Celts (it marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter).

The Celts believed that during the celebration of Samhain the spirit world collided with the physical world . And in this way the spirits of their ancestors came to the land of the living. The celebration was gestated with all kinds of pagan rites from divination, to spiritual possessions to Druid priests who served as “mediums”. We can summarize the beliefs of the Celts about Samhain as follows:

Celtic rituals


The costumes were used as a means of protection against evil spirits. Which were approaching our world during that night. The idea was to confuse supernatural beings into believing that the wearer of the costume was an evil spirit on a par with them. This tells us a little about the spiritual captivity that these people had and how they were prey to many evils in their lives, leading them to desperate and absurd actions.

celtic costume


Seeing the opportunity in which the gap between the living and the dead was reduced, the priests took the opportunity to perform rituals; people usually tried to communicate with their ancestors through mediums. They approached priests to reveal their futures and cast any variety of spells taking advantage of the peculiarities of that night.

There are many medieval television series that exploit this concept today, giving it a cultural or traditional meaning of the country.

Celtic ritual halloween

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating

The famous phrase has its origin in the belief that to win the favor of ghosts or dangerous spirits that appeared on Samhain, they should leave fruit or sweets in front of their houses. In this way, a pact was made with the spirits so that they would respect the home.

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Today this activity is carried out by millions of children as a cultural fact without importance. However, just thinking about the background calls us to reflection, because society has become accustomed to taking as a joke issues that at the time damaged the lives of people or tormented them.

Crops and pumpkins

The carved pumpkins have their origin in an Irish story, where a man with a reputation for being drunk and quarrelsome named Jack, believing himself to be smarter than the devil, managed to trick him into never going to hell. When he died and was not accepted in heaven or hell, he wandered the streets using a carved turnip as a lantern (which later became the traditional gourds). In this way, the story of Jack O’Lantern was born and the use of pumpkins so that Jack does not knock on the doors of the houses.

Celtic Harvests and Gourds

Christianity in the equation

It should be noted that Pope Gregory III decided to combine the festival of Samhain with the festival of All Saints, in an attempt to make the pagan festival official. The feast of “all saints” was preceded by an evening vigil; which was known by the English as:  All Hallow’s Eve  (eve of all saints) that eventually became  Halloween . Now knowing the origin of this pagan festival, we can only answer:

Can the Christian participate in Halloween?

Whether or not a Christian can celebrate Halloween has become a very controversial topic. Some people see the fact of celebrating a party wearing costumes and sharing sweets as harmless, but if something is impossible to deny, it is that each part of this party corresponds to a pagan ritual.

Regardless of the way in which the celebration is currently marketed, it is necessary to take it in the light of the scriptures to clarify any doubts. This is where you should keep in mind that although the Bible does not say anything about Halloween. We can find passages where it is clear that our Christian faith cannot be mixed with witchcraft, occult practices or any ritual that has pagan ancestry.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12  “Let there be no one in you who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, nor anyone who practices divination, or is a fortuneteller, or a soothsayer, or a sorcerer, or enchanter, or fortune teller, or magician, nor anyone who consults the dead.

what does the bible say about halloween

This passage from the old testament tells us about God’s thinking regarding people who practice pagan acts. God disgusts all these kinds of activities and condemns the people who practice them. To this day, certain sects continue to practice sorcery rituals during Halloween night, so the use of the date for performing acts of witchcraft is still in force. The dark background of this celebration still in force is what we must analyze and ask ourselves if it would please God that as his children we participate in support of such acts? . Jehovah God hates witchcraft and its practitioner, so it is better not to risk entering among the hated.

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Our behavior on this date

Regardless of the day, the hour or the year, we must never stop behaving as children of God. Therefore, our behavior must be in accordance with what is written in the Bible for Christian conduct.

Philippians 1:27 “Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. In this way, whether I go to see you or, being absent, only hear from you, I will know that you remain firm in the same purpose, fighting unanimous for the faith of the gospel.”

As a Christian, you should not participate in this type of celebration: either wearing costumes, having parties, decorating the house. Because we understand that there is a background that goes against our faith and that our conduct must above all remain aligned with the will of Our Father.

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