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2022: New year, new fashion!

We start the year 2022 with new expectations. God has given us this year as a package. Have you already given it a name? We do…

Christian Fashion 2022

We have a dream and that is to be able to start our online catalog this year to give you special recommendations for clothing, accessories and more. Our desire is to offer you a different and decorous alternative that matches your style, taking into account your size, height, skin color, etc. Not that we care too much about the physical, actually; we know that for God this is not relevant, but we understand that we live in a world where appearance is important and although we should not obsess over these details, we should try to be decent to represent with beauty what we are and combat the false accusation that Christians are old fashioned.

Today more than ever religiosity has been influencing congregations, including; Many families, especially couples and young people, have been rejected when they are influenced by concepts that do not bring anything good or generate genuine Christian faith, but we will address this more fully in our next article.

We wish this new year to be very successful for you and that you can continue to grow in faith and in grace with our Lord, and do not forget: God has given you a new year as a package, give it a name and make it come true.

God bless you greatly.

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Miguel Ortiz

Specialist in internet projects, digital marketing and web development. Christian and active member of the Pentecostal IEA "La Hermosa", belonging to the Assemblies of God in Venezuela.

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